René Blank

I’m René Blank, agility addicted since the late 90ies of the last century.

Starting in 1997 with my mixed breed dog Arco, me and my wife Sibylle travelled already back then across Germany and Europe to dive deeper into this wonderful sport. When being asked to become a judge in 2004 I did not hesitate and we decided to take also this perspective to the sport.

In 2006 my first Border Collie Rae (Ebony Raven Granting Pleasure) opened my horizon even more, followed by her niece Q (Kikki Granting Pleasure) in 2014. Judging a few years I discovered that I enjoyed designing courses and sequences at least as much as to run my dogs. That was probably the time when I was triggered to make my courses suitable for any dog/handler combination, got nitpicking about angles and lines and did more and more analysis. I do absolutely get excited to see different and creative solutions in my courses – perfectly timed to the skills of the dogs and their handlers and balanced between fast and technical parts. For this feeling also from the handler’s side I will definitely return into the ring with my new young dog Padme (Austrian Starlight).

I feel truly honoured being voted for judging this year’s AWC at this super location! It makes me happy to see so many friends and well-known top handlers. I wish all of you – besides the cheering, laughing, crying – wonderful days here at Sentower Park with those who are here for: your adored 4legged companions! All the best and may the force be with you!