Thora Van Der Stock

I started agility in 2004 with my first dog Chen, a tervuren shepherd. I started my judge education after a knee fracture caused by my crazy tervuren who took the fun part of agility a little bit to literally.

After my crazy Belgians I ran a miniature pinsher and now also the sheltie and border collies took already big place in our hearts.

In 2015 I became FCI judge.  During those years I got the opportunity to judge at amazing places. After been invited to judge EO in Belgium, I am again very honoured to be chosen as national judge for the AWC. The atmosphere of these events is indescribable and gives me goose bumbs!

When designing a course I try to create fluent and fair lines for the dogs and some technical points to let the handlers think about the best lines and challenge them to combine speed and timing . I love watching teams attacking the course and enjoying every second of their run.

Looking forward to see all those happy, enthousiastic faces and wagging tails.

“Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun.” ― Randy Pausch