The regulations have few changes after the FCI-Agility meeting in Brussels.  We wait for the new text end February.

One of the changes: Every height class can have 2 reserve teams.

Privacy Policy

Everyone participating in the Agility World Championships automatically agrees that their participation and their results will be published on the official website and on the website with live results. The information that will be published consists of:

  • Name of the handler (surname + first name)
  • Country
  • Name of the dog (official and call name)
  • Class (L-I-M-S)
  • Breed
  • Results on the different courses

About Rabies

Vaccination, in addition to a valid European passport, identification by microchip and the proof of a correct immunization of the dog, cat or ferret against rabies, is still mandatory to leave the country, and even enter a rabies-free Member State of the EU. The same rules apply for every dog, cat or ferret crossing Belgian borders. The validity of the vaccination is calculated according to the instructions in the leaflet of the vaccine and is registered in the European passport. For an initial or so-called primo-vaccination this period starts at the earliest 21 days after the vaccination. Re-vaccination within the validity period is effective immediately; outside the validity period re-vaccination will be considered as a primo-vaccination.

More aditional information, you can find here :